Takeda Nobutada

Takeda Nobutada

The Demon Vessel

Takeda Nobutada is an upcoming Naraka: Bladepoint character. He is due to be released on May 21st 2022.

Live a live free of desire, with no regrets left behind. Even if spurned by others and accused of injustice, we must still stand by our friends and never break their trust. If faced with a dead end, raise your blade and cut out a new path!

LocationHelioth Kingdom
Related CharactersKurumi, Tarka Ji, Wuchen


Mythic Grab

CD: 30s

For 10 seconds, Takeda Nobutada gathers strength and is on the alert, and if he is attacked by a Focus Attack he will grab the attackers Melee Weapon and Counter Attack the enemy (unless he is stunned, bound, dazed etc). After the attack, the alert status will end. Cannot be used while under attack.

Mythic Grab: Defend

CD: 0s

Takeda Nobutada rushes forward, grabbing the first enemy that is charging focus or using a skill and takes their weapon. This move can be interrupted by non-Focus attacks and cannot be used while under attack.


Demonic Aid


Takeda Nobutada releases the seal of the demonic spirit "Furen" inside, instantly knocking back nearby enemies. Gain 10% damage reduction, and [F] will change to [Demonic Strike] with 3 activations available for 20 seconds. [Demonic Strike]:Furen will attack the enemies in front of you, and if there are enemies in the attack range that are in the air, Furen will also release [Demonic Domain]. [Demonic Domain]: Attack up to 5 enemies in the air with [Airborne Strike]. [Demonic Strike] and [Demonic Domain] can be activated when Takeda Nobutada is under attack or control.

Demonic Aid: Teleport


Takeda Nobutada releases the seal of the demonic spirit "Furen" inside, instantly knocking back nearby enemies and then aims at them for the next 2 seconds. While aiming, press [LMB] to release [Demonic Strike - Teleport] at the target, making Takeda teleport to the target, dealing a lethal combo strike with Furen's strength.


The Demon Vessel

Takeda Nobutada often felt that the road ahead was difficult.

The glory of a warrior, the entrustment from his best friend, and the expectation from the apprentice were piling upon him.

"Put it down!" A voice in his heart always said.

"No, I will cut through all obstacles with the sharp blade in my hand!" Takeda Nobutada responded in his way.