Patch Notes - February 14th, 2022

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 02/13/2021 23:00 (UTC) to 02/14/2022 03:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:

Brand-new content!

I. Season Rewards

The Cavalry Season will end on 02/14/2022, 00:00:00 (UTC), and at that time, the rank of this season will be settled. In the meanwhile, the Season 3 [Echelon] will start. Players will be able to claim the rewards after the update.

1. Season rewards will be awarded based on highest rank gained in The Herald's Trial (Solos or Trios) during the Cavalry season.




Avatar [Cavalry · Bronze]


Avatar [Cavalry · Silver]


Avatar [Cavalry · Gold],Yueshan Epic outfit [Grand General · Cavalry]


Avatar [Cavalry · Platinum],Yueshan Epic outfit [Grand General · Cavalry],Nunchucks Legendary skin [Hidden Fire]


Avatar [Cavalry · Solar],Yueshan Epic outfit [Grand General · Cavalry],Nunchucks Legendary skin [Hidden Fire],Epic Card-Background [Galeforce Banner],Cavalry Treasurex3


Avatar [Cavalry · Empyrean],Yueshan Epic outfit [Grand General · Cavalry],Nunchucks Legendary skin [Hidden Fire],Epic Card-Background [Galeforce Banner],Cavalry Treasurex5


Avatar [Cavalry · Astral],Yueshan Epic outfit [Grand General · Cavalry],Nunchucks Legendary skin [Hidden Fire],Epic Card-Background [Galeforce Banner],CavalryTreasurex7


Avatar [Cavalry · Asura],Yueshan Epic outfit [Grand General · Cavalry],Nunchucks Legendary skin [Hidden Fire],Epic Card-Background [Galeforce Banner],CavalryTreasurex10

II. Score Reset:

1. Scores in The Herald's Trial (Solos & Trios) will partially carry over to the new season.

Rank in Cavalry Season 

Carry-over Rank in Echelon Season







































































Asura (4500-4999)


Asura (5000-5999)


Asura (6000+)


2. Kill Score, Survival Score, and Hero Score will partially carry over to the new season, with a greater ratio being carried over for those with lower scores.

Score Range

Carry-over Ratio











III. The Herald's Trial – Duo

The Duo mode is now added to The Herald's Trial! Assemble a 2-player party and climb the Elo!

IV. New Rotation Mode

Added a new mode with gameplay rotating between [Shadow Surge] and [Eternal Blazes].

Details: [Shadow Surge] will be open first, after which the modes will be switched out each Sunday at 20:00 (UTC).

V. In-game Mechanism

1. New Mechanism: Forbidden Seal

① Effects: After the interaction with the mechanism, there will be a Forbidden Seal with a large range. All heroes within the Seal will be banned from using ultimate, or some of their ultimate status be interrupted. The Forbidden Seal lasts for 90 sec, and its cooldown is 180 sec. It can be activated for 3 times at most in a match.

② Launch Mode: There will be a random number of Forbidden Seals in The Herald's Trial, Quick Matches and BOT modes.

VI. Weekly Activeness Rewards

Complete a certain amount of Daily Quests each week to receive Weekly Activeness Rewards.


1. You receive different levels of rewards based on how many Daily Quests you completed that week (5/10/15). Join in to gain loads of XP, Immortal Treasure and Hidden Treasure XP!

2. Your Activeness is reset each Sunday at 20:00 (UTC).

3. Added a multi-conditional quest to Daily Quests: the quest will be regarded as completed as long as players satisfy any one of the conditions.

VII. Limited-time event: [Spring Blooms]

Event Time:

02/14/2022 Update – 02/22/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Redeeming ends on:

02/23/2022 20:00 (UTC)

The event rules are as follows:

1. Players can open Troves and destroy breakables around them in modes including The Herald's Trial, Quick Matches, BOT Mode, and Shadow Surge to gain Blossom Branches. You can collect up to 20 per match and 50 per day this way.

2. Break open Blossom Bundles during the preparation phase of the modes above (including The Bloodbath and Eternal Blazes) to gain Blossom Branches.

3. Gain Blossom Branches by completing quests during the event. Blossom Branches can be redeemed for great event rewards.

Hero Adjustments

I. Valda Cui

The escape animation played while freeing yourself from Valda Cui's Tide Traps can now be canceled by jumping, dodging or crouching. The positions of the Tide Traps she sets on either side of her with [Haze: Teleport] have also been adjusted.

//Dev Note: Valda Cui's [Haze: Teleport] was overpowered, but following this update it's no longer a reliable way to achieve the upper hand when retaliating against foes on flat ground.

II. Kurumi

The recovery granted by [Sacred Circle] and [Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance] in Solos and Duos is now the same as that in Trios.

III. Tarka Ji

Adjusted the damage multiplier of [Inner Fire: Gigaflame] explosion from 285% to 200%.

IV. Wuchen

1. Ultimate: [Tai Chi Rift]

①Reduced the amount of Rage needed to use Tai Chi Rift by 20%.

②Yin Yang Orbs can no longer be set while under attack. You no longer gain gold Focus upon manually removing your own Yin Yang Orbs by holding.

③Setting Yin Yang Orbs now consumes 8% Rage instead of 35%. Once they're set, you can no longer build Rage by dealing or taking damage, but it still builds gradually over time.

④Portals' teleportation area has been increased from a 6-meter radius to a 10-meter radius.

//Dev Note: Yin Yang Orbs now cost less Rage to set, allowing Wuchen greater mobility and adaptability in battle.

2. Ultimate: [Tai Chi Rift·Switch]

①Reduced the amount of Rage needed to use [Tai Chi Rift·Switch] by 20%.

②Extended the stagger duration after Wuchen and his enemies are teleported.

3. Ultimate: [Tai Chi Rift·Portal]

①Reduced the amount of Rage needed to use [Tai Chi Rift·Portal] by 40%.

②Reduced portals' duration from 120 sec to 40 sec.

③Travelling through portals now grants a 15% attack boost that lasts for 3.5 sec.

④Dealing or taking damage no longer builds Rage while you have a portal open.

//Dev Note: Wuchen's arrival made new lineup and skill combos possible, but it was not easy to make his ultimates work as part of a team. So, we've lowered their Rage costs and buffed them to make Wuchen a more reliable, feasible pick.

Weapon Adjustments

I. Nunchucks

1. Adjusted the charged vertical strike: Dragon Flurry will be triggered after the second stage of charging.

2. Slightly extended the duration of Scale Rush's startup frame.

3. Optimized the distance covered with Scale Rush.

4. Added a flashing prompt for [Dragon Flurry].

5. Adjusted the running vertical strikes.

II. Pistol

1. Adjusted the range of Pistol’s damage falloff:

At a 32 to 40-meter distance, the damage falls to 80% of what it used to be;

When beyond 40 meters, this drops further to 60%.

2. Increased the speed that Pistol shots travel, as well as their max range.

3. Reduced Pistols' bullet spread.

III. Repeating Crossbow

1. Adjusted the range of Repeating Crossbow's damage falloff:

Previously, their damage would fall to 80% at a 32 to 40-meter distance; beyond 40 meters, this would drop further to 60%.

With this update, their damage falls to 80% at a 40 to 50-meter distance; beyond 50 meters, this drops further to 60%.

2. Sustained fire no longer spreads.

IV. Musket

1. Reduced the shot damage by 15%.

2. Reduced the magazine capacity from 12 to 10.

Souljade Adjustments

I. Buff Souljades

1. Removed epic and legendary Souljades from common sources such as Troves.

2. Aside from Buff Souljades, added extra buff to the rest souljades of epic and legendary quality.

For example, the previous [Overlord] Souljade has the following effect: 'Stone Form directly reaches the third charge state'. Following this update, it retains this effect while also gaining 'Melee Defense +6%'.

3. When the Souljade bag is full, the Common and Rare souljades will be automatically replaced by their Epic counterparts.

4. Value adjustment of Buff Souljades

Adjustment details are as follows.

(1) Adjustments to Buff Souljades' base effects

Adjustments to common Souljades' base effects:

Health Souljade I: 'Health +10%' adjusted to 'Health +8%'.

Attack Souljade I: Attack +3% (unchanged).

Melee Resist Souljade I: 'Melee Defense +5%' adjusted to 'Melee Defense +4%'.

Ranged Resist Souljade I: 'Ranged Defense +8%, Head Defense +6%' adjusted to 'Ranged Defense +7%, Head Defense +5%'.

Adjustments to rare Souljades' base effects:

Health Souljade II: 'Health +15%' adjusted to 'Health +12%'.

Attack Souljade II: 'Attack + 4.5%' adjusted to 'Attack + 4%'.

Melee Resist Souljade II: 'Melee Defense +7.5%' adjusted to 'Melee Defense +6%'.

Ranged Resist Souljade II: 'Ranged Defense +12%, Head Defense +9%' adjusted to 'Ranged Defense +10%, Head Defense +8%'.

Adjustments to legendary Souljades' base effects:

Attack Souljade IV: 'Attack +7.5%' adjusted to 'Attack +8%'.

(2) Non-Buff Souljades' extra buff

Adjustments to epic Souljades' effects:

Health Souljade III: Health +12%.

Attack Souljade III: Attack + 4%.

Melee Resist Souljade III: Melee Defense +6%.

Ranged Resist Souljade III: Ranged Defense +10%, Head Defense +8%. 

Adjustments to legendary Souljades' effects:

Health Souljade IV: Health +18%.

Attack Souljade IV: Attack +6%.

Melee Resist Souljade IV: Melee Defense +9%.

Ranged Resist Souljade IV: Ranged Defense +15%, Head Defense +12%.

Adjustments to the maximum buff of Souljades:

Health: Adjusted from +50% to +48%.

Attack: Adjusted from +15% to +16%.

Melee Damage Reduction: Adjusted from +25% to +24%.

Ranged Damage Reduction: 40% (unchanged).

Head Damage Reduction: Adjusted from +30% to +32%.

II. Move Souljades

1. [Gecko Foot]: Adjusted the Souljade's effects to 'Increases the speed when running up walls, and Scale Rush damage. Staying still for 5 sec while climbing, you will enter Stealth for up to 15 sec or until you move again'.

2. Added [Stormstride]: Calls down a strike of lightning at your previous location 0.5 sec after dodging.

III. Item & Buff Souljades

1. [Soothing Boon]: Adjusted the Souljade's effects to 'There's a 30% chance that Grappling Hooks, Weaponry Chests, Vitalia and Armor Powder won't deplete after use'.

2. Added [Mortal Defiance]: When taking lethal damage, evade it and break this Souljade. You gain 40% damage reduction for 5 sec and recover 500 health.

3. Added [Soul Release]: Defeating enemies resets skill cooldowns.

4. Added [Siphon Technique]: You recover 65% of the damage you deal as health for 7 sec after using Vitalia or Armor Powder.

5. Added [Mystic Alchemy]: Consuming fruits increases your Melee Resist (effects stack up to 60 layers).

6. Added [Juggernaut]: Defeating enemies increases your attack (effects stack up to 5 layers).

7. [Grappling Spool Boon], [Weaponry Chest Boon], [Atmos Barrier], [Miser] and [Craftsmanship] will not be dropped in the game.

IV. Longsword Souljade

Added [Assault•Longsword]: Burns enemies you hit with Longsword Grappling Strike, causing damage continuously.

V. Nunchucks Souljades

1. Added effect to [Flying Kick]: Biding Fury will be restored after hitting

2. Added [Nunchucks Sap]: The last move of a Counterstrike Combo restores 75% of the damage dealt as health or armor.

3. Added [Velocity Untold]: Alters Nunchucks' charged horizontal strikes, which restore Biding Fury when they hit.

4. Added [Dragon Roar]: Alters the Nunchucks' Dragon Flurry attack, and builds Biding Fury.

VI. Dagger

Added [Dagger Sap]: The last move of a Counterstrike Combo restores 75% of the damage dealt as health or armor.

VII. Katana

1. Added [Thunderstorm]: Alters the vertical strike Thunderstrike attack. You recover 65% of the damage dealt to enemies as health.

2. [Composure] will not be dropped in the game.

VIII. Greatsword

1. Added [Warrior Pace]: Increases move speed while charging up a horizontal strike with a Greatsword.

2. [Shockwave] will not be dropped in the game.

IX. Repeating Crossbow

1. Adjusted the [Healing Bolts] Souljade's grade to epic.

2. Added [Barbed Bolts]: Landing a shot on an enemy with your Repeating Crossbow leaves them unable to sprint or dodge for 2 sec.

3. Added [Curative Bolts]: Shots restore 30% of the damage dealt as health or armor.

4. [Sharpshot] and [Volley] will not be dropped in the game.

X. Pistol

[Cluster Shell] will not be dropped in the game.

XI. Bow

[Target Lock]: Adjusted the Souljade's effects to 'Landing a shot on an enemy with your Bow leaves them unable to sprint or dodge for 6 sec. Attacks on the same enemy can only trigger this once per 30 sec'.

XII. Spear

[Scale Rush·Spear] will not be dropped in the game.

Match Adjustments

I. The Bloodbath

Removed the Duo and Trios modes in The Bloodbath. However, players can still experience The Bloodbath (Duo & Trios) in the Custom Lobby.

II. BOT Modes

1. The Soulbloom Essence is now added to BOT modes.

2. Optimized the actions of the AI enemies.

III. Adjustment to the partial display of nearby items

The consumable items in the list of nearby items will overlay.

IV. Controllers

1. The Unarmed selection is now added to the weapon Radial Menu. Tap X/□ (Xbox/PlayStation) to switch to the unarmed status while opening the Radial Menu.

2. You can no longer switch to unarmed status by double tapping the direction button ↓.

3. There will be no delay when switching weapons by tapping the direction button ↓.

Out-Game Adjustments

I. Free Training

It's now possible to use locked heroes in Free Training.

II. Inventory

Increased the Inventory's capacity from 48 to 96 slots, allowing for more item storage.

III. Backgrounds

1. Optimized the light effects in some backgrounds.

2. Added facial expressions to Wuchen's [Happy New Year] Card-Emote.

IV. Additional Profile Info

1. Added info on how many hero and weapon cosmetics a player owns, visible on their Profile page.

V. Weapon display video update

Added sound effects to all display videos of all Extreme weapon skin.


I. Added Pick Up settings

Head to Settings – Pick Up Settings, players can now customize the upper limit of the consumable items in the bag. When the consumable items reach the set upper limit, they can no longer be picked up through the interaction button (but can still be picked up when opening the bag).

Store Updates


[Echelon] BATTLEPASS now is available! Unlock the Advanced Hidden Treasure to get plenty of rewards including high-grade items and cosmetics!

II. Cosmetics update

1. New hero outfits and weapon skins

Added plenty of new hero outfits and weapon skins.

2. New Team Display contents

Added more contents for customizing the Team Display, including bases, gestures, and backgrounds. In the new season, players can collect them in various ways and dress up their heroes.

3. New hairstyles

Added more hairstyles that can be customized. In the new season, players can collect them in various ways and dress up their heroes.

III. Discount Update

1. Added new Matari Legendary outfit [Misty Gauze]. Original price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

2. Added new Yueshan Legendary outfit [Inner Glow]. Original price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

3. Discount on Greatsword Legendary skin [Crimson Demonic Blade]. Original price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

4. Discount on Valda Cui Legendary outfit [Tsunami]. Original price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

5. Viper Ning Legendary outfit [Dragon Will·Awareness] is now back to its original price of 2,400 Gold.

6. Viper Ning Legendary Card-Emote [The Dragon·Side Kick] is now back to its original price of 900 Gold.

7. Wuchen Legendary outfit [Elucidae] is now back to its original price of 1,800 Gold.

Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where Wuchen's ultimate would mistakenly teleport him to the previous registered teleport point.

2. Fixed an issue where Wuchen's ultimate would sometimes fail to teleport Cairns.

3. Fixed an issue where Valda Cui's [Nether Nightmare] couldn't be escaped when teleporting with Wuchen's ultimate.

4. Fixed an issue where charging up a skill while grappling as Kurumi or Valda Cui would sometimes result in irregular speeds. Also optimized the feel of charged unarmed strikes.

II. Weapon-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where [Earthshaker] could be interrupted by a blue Focus strike, and the player might turn into the status of being hit.

2. Fixed an issue where players couldn't change direction (left/right) after launching a crouched horizontal strike with all weapons.

III. Other Bugs

1. Fixed clipping issues that would sometimes appear with Card-Emotes including Valda Cui's [The Dragon·Flow], Viper Ning's [The Dragon·Side Kick] and Wuchen's [Happy New Year].