Test Server Patch Notes - April 22nd, 2022

Live Server update probably on April 28th; And as always: These patch notes are not final and some things may change before it goes live.

New Feature Test

Quick Parry

Quick Parry has been reworked and the timing of Quick Parry applications has been significantly relaxed to optimise the experience of using Quick Parry.

Input Buffer

Optimzed Input Buffer: Now it's more convenient to use Uppercut in combo and Parry after dodge etc.

Map Updates

Terrain Modification: Kan Huangju(?)

New locations south of Sunwing's Rest containing large straw sacks, it's possible to hide in the straw sacks

Added a hidden cave, waiting to be discovered.

Character Adjustments


Change the [Zephyr Prison] Adjustment of all Ultimate talents to: only block Ranged attacks from enemies, no longer block friendly Ranged attacks. At the same time, the special effects of [Zephyr Prison] under all Ultimate talents on both sides of the enemy are distinguished.

【Zephyr Wisp ·Assault】It will still bounce back when it encounters Zephyr Prisons of both the enemy and allies. And when it hits the outside of the Zephyr Prison, it can no longer track enemies inside the Zephyr Prison.

Justina Gu

Adjustment has increased the cooldown of the initial talent [Ice Core], from 25 seconds Adjustment to 28 seconds.

Optimized the special effects of the ice fog of [Arctic Wraith ·Frost Wind](v3?), and now the range of the ice fog will be more obvious


Ability [Silent Flutter]'s maximum Focus Charge time has been reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second

Ability [Silent Flutter ·Retrace Flash] cooldown changed from 25 seconds Adjustment to 30 seconds

Optimized the feel of Ability [Silent Flutter] and all its talents. Now Matari can connect Weapon moves (including Focus Charge moves) more quickly after teleporting, whether on the ground or in the air.

Ultimate 【Unseen Wings 】Adjusted to apply invisibility to the whole team, the invisibility duration has been changed from 20 seconds to 16 seconds.

Ultimate [Unseen Wings ·Assassin ] Adjustment is to apply a stealth effect to the entire team, the stealth time is adjusted from 15 seconds to 14 seconds, and a 50% wall attack enhancement effect is added to the entire team

Ultimate [Unseen Wings ·Group Stealth] is changed to [Unseen Wings ·Deadly], applying invisibility to the entire team, invisibility for 12 seconds, and adding 50% attack recovery effect to the entire team

Weapon Adjustment


Dagger Dodge Horizontal Attack damage increased from 188% to 249%

Souljade Adjustment

Nunchucks Souljade

Slightly increased the front swing of Horizontal Attack Focus Charge【Velocity Untold】.

Below translations will be worse because they are not as important - mostly google translate (too time consuming to translate properly)

In-game Adjustment

Controller layout changes

Lots of controller changes (not keyboard), wont bother translating them

New Spectator Functions

Now in the Player's view or the follower's view, pressing C (controller Xbox: RB; PS: R1) can synchronize the current spectator's health bar to the referee's view in real time.

Immortal War

Added a new Hurricane Guest tactical item - Suzaku's Power.
1) After purchase, restore a certain amount of stamina, armor and anger for your own units instantly. Everyone in the team will gain the power of Suzaku. After being killed, they will not form Cairn, but will directly enter the state of returning to the soul, and will not consume The normal number of resurrections, keep all equipment and props after resurrection, and clear the power of Suzaku, the power of Suzaku lasts for 240 seconds.
2) Hurricane Guest tactical props can only be held by each team. Drops: Suzaku's Power is only cast in the first round of Hurricane in Immortal War 3-Row Mode, randomly appearing with Azure Dragon's Power.

In the early warning stage of the Hurricane Guest on the Map, an icon prompt is added to indicate which tactical items will be produced in the Hurricane Guest.

The number of Dark Tide Coins produced by various channels in the bureau has been increased.

The prices of various commodities in the dealer have been increased.

The power of Suzaku and the power of Qinglong will give a prompt when Hurricane Guest appears, and only one can be obtained. It is not allowed to have the power of Qinglong and the power of Suzaku at the same time. I wonder if the power of Xuanwu and the power of white tiger will be introduced later. Wait, still looking forward to it!

Function optimization


Optimized the multi-threading logic of some materials to reduce the lag and increase the frame rate.

Optimized the loading logic of some disk resources to reduce In-game lag caused by resource loading.


Optimized the performance of the attacked party in [Yiwu·Bow]. (the souljade from last patch)

Optimized the interactive experience of some actions and shops, Soul Altar and Soul Home.

Optimized the interactive experience of some buildings.

Optimized the feel of Spear's high landing action connecting to other actions.


Optimized the lighting performance of some display backgrounds.


Using the [Painting] function (press the U key) when Fixing Parry and repairing Weapons will interrupt the action.

Fixed the problem that the Fixed Valda Cui Ability Water Trap cannot bind the Sundae Thunder Blade.