Test Server Patch Notes - April 8th, 2022

Ability Update

Justina Gu Ability [Ice Core: Cold Wave] and Ultimate [Arctic Wraith: Frost Wind] are open for use

[Ice Core: Cold Wave]

Justina Gu temporarily wraps herself and her surrounding teammates in ice with Chi Chi, during which she will restore certain armor and resist all physical blows at regular intervals for 3 seconds.

After testing, it recovers twice within 3 seconds for a total of 200 armor.

[Arctic Wraith: Blizzard]

Justina Gu stimulates the icy infuriating energy in her body and fires the icy sword qi in the aiming direction. The area swept by the sword will generate an ice fog that can [freeze] the enemy, and the ice fog lasts for 8 seconds.

Consumes 50% rage each time.

Character Adjustment

Justina Gu

Unified frozen/freeze in the ultimate description to just freeze. Same for frozen/freeze immunity.

[Ice Core] and [Ice Core: Blink] can now be interrupted in advance: After releasing Ability for 1.5 seconds, Justina Gu can use dodge and jump to break the ice ahead of time.

Tarka Ji

Optimize the feel of [Liaoyuan Jin·Giant Flame], when Tarka Ji is in the falling stage in the air, when he releases [Liaoyuan Jin·Giant Flame], he will also hover in the air.


Optimized the performance of Wuchen Ultimate [Tai Chi Rift] and [Tai Chi Rift ·Switch] when teleporting multiple Cairns, the Cairns will not overlap after teleportation.

Souljade Adjustment

Effect Souljade

Added【Meteor Falling】: Enables you to teleport to the enemy after grappling them to perform a takedown.
After testing, the damage is related to the quality of Weapon, and the damage of Golden Weapon is 74+380=454

Added [Five Poison Sprinkles]: 0.5 seconds after the Player is defeated, it will release toxins around it, poisoning the enemy and taking damage continuously.

Longsword Souljade

Stop putting 【Assault · Longsword 】, its effect is merged into the new Souljade 【Assault: Fire away】.

Melee Souljade

Added [Assault: Fire away]: Melee Weapon's flying attack will burn the enemy after hitting, causing continuous damage.

Bow Souljade

Added【Yi Wu·Bow】: Switching to bow during a melee combo makes you dash back and immediately fire a purple focus attack.

Cannon Souljade

Added [Yiwu·Cannon ]: Switching Cannon in Melee's combo will immediately fire a cannonball, and at the same time bounce yourself into the air.

In-game Adjustment

Cultivation tasks

In all the training tasks in the face of the ancient gods stage, "in survival mode, get the first place 3 times" is changed to "in survival mode, get the first five times 3 times".

Justina Gu's practice mission "Frozen 3 enemies during a Arctic Wraith" was changed to "Complete 1 winning blow".

The story challenge task in the second chapter of the legend of Justina Gu Character has been changed from "use Ice Core to freeze yourself 100 times" to "use Ice Core 100 times".

Omni's Nightmare custom room

Added Omni's Nightmare mode in custom rooms, more adjustable parameters will be gradually opened.

Omni's Nightmare Season Data

Added Omni's Nightmare season data display.

Added dubbing information to the Character interface

Added voice actor name information under Character name.

The referee watches the game

The referee spectator supports the Related operation of the controller.

Combat Encyclopedia

Added descriptions for "Parrying" and "Focus Attack".

Appearance interface Adjustment

Adjustment on the original "Action" tab is "Expression", and the "Expression" Adjustment on the sub-tab of the original "Action" is "Bubble".

The sub-tab of the original "Display" is changed from "Action" Adjustment to "Posture".

Optimized the icon of the "Posture" sub-tab.

External optimization

The optimization of the recommendation function in the mall: After the player purchases the new product of the current version, it will recommend the product according to the player's preference.

Optimized the function of pinching face system: when saving new data in the face editing interface, the new face will be automatically assembled to the currently selected suit scheme.


Character Related BUG

Fixed Justina Gu [Arctic Wraith] A bug with abnormal freezing values ​​for Yueshan and Tianhai in Ultimate state.

Fixed Wuchen's talent Ability [Spirit Blades · Array] The bug that hit the scene will disappear under special circumstances.

Fixed Tarka Ji will not be affected by Wuchen Ultimate teleportation in Ultimate state.

Fixed Wuchen Ultimate transmission will be transmitted to the BUG of the last recorded point in special cases.

Weapon Related BUG

Fixed a bug where the vertical attack in the air sometimes loses the second-stage damage.