Test Server Patch Notes - July 26th, 2022

New Content

Takeda F3V3 Added (again)

PVE Campaign Mode

Character Adjustment

Tsuchimikado Kurumi

Kurumi Ultimate 【Sacred Circle】 and 【Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance】 will now retain it's healing capabilities even when it's effect is changed by a teammate, and additional effects have been added:

Fire Circle: Enemies entering the circle get burned; dealing damage to health and reducing healing by 50%. Burn lasts for 5 seconds after leaving the circle.

Poison Circle: Enemies entering the circle take damage to health, lasts for 5 seconds after leaving the circle.

Wind Circle: Enemies entering the circle get an energy debuff, lasts for 4 seconds after leaving the circle.

Water Circle: Allies who enter the circle for the first time will gain additional recovery.

Ice Circle: The circle will periodically release ice storms, and enemies hit by the ice will be frozen.

Tarka Ji

Some optimization for when Tarka Ji exits Blackout state while in the air has been made

In-game Adjustments

Matchmaking Optimization

The maximum number of players in a single game in The Herald's Trial, Quick Match, and Bot Mode Solo Mode has been adjusted from 60 to 48 players.

Through the Fire

The islands have been raised a little bit (sea level decreased)

The knockback souljades have been buffed a bit

The resources that spawn in the middle of the map gradually become higher grade as the game goes on

Changed the number of grapples from 18 to 3, grapples now spawn in the middle of the map

Omni's Nightmare

nobody cares --- google translated

Vine ghosts can increase the upgrade experience by destroying the spirit lamp, and share it proportionally to all vine ghosts.

Fixed the preparation stage can see the Player strength bar problem.


Quick Parry: now has identical speed to regular parry after using a focus attack.

Out-of-game Adjustment

Most of the remaining patch notes are google translated since they are not vital

Team lobby optimization

Support all team play.

Added the ability to filter according to the rank of the recruited creator.

The default unlocking level Adjustment of the function is level 5.

Update Analysis: Optimization of the team function! Players who don't want to solo queue can search a team that suits them in the team hall, or form their own team to play the game!


Added video volume adjustment



Optimized character loading logic to reduce game lag between Teleports caused by character loading.

Fixed some memory leaks to reduce the memory usage of long-running games.


Optimized the operation experience of the mall overview

Now go back to the preview product and go back to the location before the jump.

A reminder of price changes after owning a single item in the bundle has been added to the mall overview.

When some limited-time modes are enabled, there will be a red dot on the mode selection interface.


Character Related BUG

Fixed a bug where Tarka Ji would dodge after falling to the ground after turning on his Ultimate in the air.

Weapon Related BUG

Fixed a bug where Katana and Nunchucks could not block bullets when grapple attacking.

Combat Related BUG

Fixed a bug where quick parry cannot be used when slaying moonbane.