Test Server Patch Notes - July 8th, 2022

Live patch coming on July 14th(?). Test Server patch notes usually do not include events and skins, and there may be additional small balance adjustments made based on test server feedback.

New Content

Takeda Nobutada F3 and V3 added.

New Gamemode: Through the Fire

Type: Trios

The basic rules are the same as in Bloodbath

You can utilize the large mechanisms on the island to defeat enemies.

Fall off the stage into the water and you're defeated.

Every now and then, the Exquisite Vessel will spawn forth loads of weapons and rare Souljades.

Exclusive Souljades will appear in this mode. And all the Souljades and Dark Tide Coins you obtained will not be dropped again.

At set intervals, the Top 1 player will become the bounty target: killing the bounty target will get Bounty Score.

Kills: +5 points

Killstreaks: +1 bonus points

5+ Killstreaks: +1 bonus points

Kill the bounty target: +30 bonus points

Have fun and be the last standing!

Character Adjustment

Takeda Nobutada

Fixed the problem that Ability [Mythic Grab: Defend] would teleport the target to Takeda instead of Takeda rushing towards the target.

Fixed the problem that Ultimate [Demonic Aid ·Teleport] couldn't be aimed if there was an obstacle in front of you.

"optimized" the descriptions for Takeda Nobutada's Abilities and Ultimates.


"Optimized" Matari's special F Ability while she is in her Ultimate.

Her special F will now no longer lock on to enemies who are at the edge of your screen (you have to actually kind of aim at them now).

Souljade Adjustment

Dual Blades Souljades

Added [Dual Blades Sap]

Movement(?) of Universe Slash has been "optimized"

Universe Slash: Damage coefficient decreased from 3.89 to 3.48

In-game Adjustment

Function Optimization

In-Game Quest optimization

Added icons to the description of in-game quests (bell, prayer, treasure hunt quests, not bounties)


North/West/South/East markers has been added to the compass

Combat Adjustment

Quick Parry: Using Quick Parry before Focus Charge completes will no longer make you crouch.

Omni's Nightmare Adjustment

nobody plays this, so i will just machine translate this part

Added the position display of the spirit lamp when selecting a point.

The Adjustment of Fix Spirit Lamp time is 6 seconds for a single person, 4 seconds for a double person, and 2 seconds for a three person or more. When there is a Character Fix Spirit Lamp, there will be a dynamic prompt on the Map.

Added a mechanism to refresh the frequency of rattan seeds around the Adjustment lamp according to the dynamic situation on the field, and reflected it on the lamp icon.

Extinguish the fire will have a negative effect on Character. Adjustment is a certain ban on Ultimate 10s plus a random negative effect (ban Ability, ban zip line, blind)

After the spirit fire is extinguished, the white ghost increases attack power by 20%, close resistance by 25%, and far resistance by 35% for 20s.

The protection period of spirit fire is reduced to 50s.

Souljade is all reserved after Character's death and resurrection.

Fuji Ghost adds Parry mechanism.

The vine ghost increases the far resistance by 35%, and the climbing speed is doubled.

Added camp voice volume adjustment.


Solo Mode Adjustment

In all Solo Modes except Immortal War (The Herald's Trial, Bot Mode, Quick Match):

Added a chance to return to the soul, the time of returning to the soul is consistent with Immortal War;

The start time of the first dark domain spread is delayed by 60 seconds;

The appearance time of Hurricane Guest is also adjusted according to the delay of the spread of the dark domain.

Immortal War

New tactical item: Xuanwu's(?) power

The people of Lunazra Kingdom believe that the sacred beast Xuanwu can foretell the future, and its back armor is the best divination tool.

Effect: Instantly restores a certain amount of health, armor and rage, and every once in a while, the Character with the power of the Xuanwu will reveal enemies within a radius of 100 meters, the power of the Xuanwu lasts 180 seconds.

Casting: Only found in the first and second rounds of Morus Blessing in Immortal War's Trios.

The rest of these patch notes are for the most part machine translated

Out-of-game Adjustment

Out-of-game voice

Player can chat with teammates in the lobby when they are in a group.

Support free speech and Input speech two speech modes.

Support to mute teammates.

Adjustment of talent mark value

energy limit, energy recovery speed, dodge energy consumption / Dagger flash step energy consumption mark of the bonus value reduced by 33%. (The reduced part of the talent seal is added to the Player's basic attributes to maintain the consistency of the front and back of the hand with a full energy seal)

the store discount attribute was replaced with a team shared store discount. The specific effects are.

1) Provide store discounts for yourself and squad members, and squad shared store discounts for different squad members can be stacked.

2) The bonus value is reduced to 50% of the original store discount attribute.

3) Squad shared store discount and In-game mechanism (such as the global effect provided by the statue in the treasure cave) provide store discounts directly for cumulative operation.

Squad display

Optimized the performance of some squad display actions.

New [Tournament] function

Players can get more information and news about the eternal infinity tournament through the tournament button.

Setting options

Omni's Nightmare camp voice volume

Options Settings - Audio Settings - Volume Settings, new [Omni's Nightmare camp voice volume], you can adjust the voice volume from Character and Vine Ghost camp channel.

Function optimization


Optimized the radar Map loading logic to reduce the lag between Teleport caused by loading Map under certain circumstances.

Optimize the loading logic of character and scene objects, reduce the lag between Teleport caused by loading character and scene objects under certain circumstances.

Optimize the performance consumption of Cairn and pickable objects, improve the recognizability under different angles, and slightly change the appearance.


Optimized the attack from 1.3 meters height platform when falling, no longer into the air attack, instead of articulated ground attack.

Optimized the input prompts in the game, now according to the Weapon holding Melee / Ranged, will display different input prompts. In the training ground, Input prompts have also been added.


The default match function has been added to the bundle preview. Click the default match button to switch between the official recommended match and the Player match.


Character Related BUG

Fix Justina Gu [Arctic Wraith] caused by the freezing value is not additional attack bonus bug.

Fix Kurumi 【Sacred Circle】 does not consume rage when used under certain circumstances.

Combat Related BUG

Fixed the bug that Horizontal Attack and Flying Axe are Ranged keys when using the handle to control Vine Ghost in Omni's Nightmare.

Fixed The bug that in some cases, you can't use Parry Combo after floating Parry.