Test Server Patch Notes - June 14th, 2022

Live patch coming on June 23rd. Test Server patch notes usually do not include events and skins, and there may be additional small balance adjustments made based on test server feedback.

New Content

New Weapon Dual Blades Available

Omni's Nightmare mode reopens

A lot of new functions has been added to the game mode.

Players can now pick their preferred faction.

Map Update

A mutation of Sunwing's Rest is underway.

Something to do with PvE mode(?)

Character Adjustment

Yoto Hime

Ultimate [Omnious Blade] and all its talents Adjustment, the base damage coefficient of slash damage has been decreased from 4.5 to 2.6 for the first cut, 3.2 for the second cut, and 3.8 for the third cut.

The additional additional slashes of Ultimate [Omnious Blade: Combo], the damage coefficient has been decreased from 2.25 to 1.6.


Ability [Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash] teleport distance increased from 6m to 9m.

A new mechanism has been added to Ultimate [Unseen Wings] and all talents: when Matari is invisible, the cooldown of [Silent Flutter] will be shortened, the movement distance will be increased, and it will get an added effect: [索命].

【索命】: Aiming at an enemy within range of [Silent Flutter] and using the ability will teleport Matari behind the enemy and launch a special attack.

Ultimate [Unseen Wings] and all its talents have a 20% reduction in the upper limit of rage required to release. (basically, it charges up 20% faster now)

Takeda Nobutada

Demonic Aid: the base damage coefficient of Demonic Strike is reduced from 0.5*2 to 0.4*2 [Demonic Domain] The base damage coefficient is reduced from 1*2+1.5 to 0.5*2+1.5.

Demonic Aid: Teleport will no longer restore rage to the user

Demonic Aid: Teleport base damage multiplier reduced from 1.5+0.5*6+3 to 1+0.3*6+2.2.

Demonic Aid: Teleport: Strikes now have 30% more health regeneration.


The base damage of using F in Vajra Form with no enemies held has been reduced from 4.28 to 3.75.

The base damage of using F in Vajra Form with one enemies held has been reduced from 4.28 to 3.75.

The base damage of using F in Vajra Form with two enemies held has been reduced from 12.5 to 10.

In solos: Vajra's base HP has been increased from 1900 to 2300, and the armor conversion rate has been increased from 0.6 to 0.8.

In duos: the armor conversion rate of Vajra has been increased from 0.8 to 0.9.

In trios: Vajra's base HP is lowered from 3000 to 2700.


The base damage coefficient of [Leaping Slash(?)] has been lowered from 0.34+1.66*2 to 0.26+1.29*2. (Ultimate Charged LMB move)

The base damage coefficient of [Dragontail] has been lowered from 7.34 to 6.52. (Ultimate Charged RMB move)

Valda Cui

Ultimate 【Nether Nightmare】The damage of throwing water spears has been reduced from 1.5+3.2 to 1.2+2.5.

Tarka Ji

The burn damage caused by all Tarka Ji Abilities and Ultimates has been reduced from 4% HP per second to 2% HP per second, the burn duration remains unchanged.

When [Blackout: Vulcan] is enabled, the rage consumption of [Inner Fire: Gigaflame] is increased from 7% to 9%.

Justina Gu

The base damage coefficient of [Shadowswipe] has been lowered from 0.5 to 0.1.

The base damage coefficient of [Shadowswipe: Blizzard] has been lowered from 0.5 to 0.1.

The base damage coefficient of [Arctic Wraith: Frostwind] has been lowered from 1 to 0.1.

[Arctic Wraith] and all it's talents: the time enemies are frozen has been lowered from 2 seconds to 1.6 seconds.

Weapon Adjustment


Horizontal focus block now costs 2 bars

Horizontal Block: Damage reduction ratio adjusted from 80% to 50%. (?)

Dragon Flurry now gets golden focus after 2 attacks


Slightly reduced stun duration from Aerial RMB on downed enemies.

Souljade Adjustment

Dual Blades Souljade

Golden Souljade 【Universe Slash】: Alters Dual Blades' charged focus attacks of the 2nd stage.

Purple Souljade 【Splitter】: Alters Dual Blades' horizontal focus attack.

Purple Souljade 【Cavalry Bloom】: Alters Dual Blades' 3rd horizontal attack.

Dagger Souljade

When the first attack [Pride's Fall] hits an enemy in the [Freeze] state, it directly break the enemy's [Freeze] state.

Nunchucks Souljade

[Dragon Roar] The damage coefficient of the first stage is lowered from 0.57*8 to 0.5*8; [Dragon Roar] The damage coefficient of the second stage is lowered from 0.38*6 to 0.33*6; [Dragon Roar] The damage coefficient of the third stage is lowered from 0.75+1.51 to 0.67+1.33.

Katana Souljade

The damage coefficient of [Soul Slash] is lowered from 0.82*8 to 0.73*8. The damage coefficient of [Thunderstorm] is lowered from 0.81*5 to 0.68*5.

Generic Souljade

【Focus Slide】 no longer knocks enemies in the air.

【Phantom Step】 no longer displays a tooltip every time it's used.

The rest of the patch notes are mostly machine translated and may contain small errors

In-game Adjustment

Controller Adjustment

Optimize the dead zone of the controller's viewing angle rocker sensitivity. The default dead zone Adjustment is 16, and no change has been set greater than 16.

Optimized the binding of [Aiming] and [Shooting] of Siege Crossbow and [Aiming] and [Shooting] of Ranged Weapon

Optimized the interactive mode of training ground settings in free practice mode:

The opening method of the training ground setting has been changed from opening in the roulette to short pressing the Map key (if you need to view the training ground map, you can open the backpack and switch the tab to call out).

Now when opening the training ground settings, you can use the left and right joysticks to move and adjust the viewing angle.

After opening the training ground settings, use the up and down arrow keys to switch the setting options, and press the square keys (Xbox, PS) to use; cancel the original shortcut keys.

Combat Adjustment

One-click Parry: Use one-click Parry in standing, dodging, etc., and will no longer crouch.

Update analysis: The action of one-key Parry is faster, but the speed of left-right key Parry is still slightly faster than that of one-key Parry.

Organization Adjustment

The Magic Barrier Adjustment is an Ultimate that affects Matari.

Reduced the number of fire bugs placed in the cave.

Out-of-game Adjustment

Combat Encyclopedia adds in-game interaction introduction

[Tactical props] "The Power of the Blue Dragon", "The Power of the Suzaku", and video introductions of various interactive events in the game have been added to the Combat Encyclopedia.

Character practice

Uniformly reduced all Character "Familiar" stage repairs

In "Option Settings Audio Settings - All Sound Effects", a new "Outside Environment" option is added to adjust the volume of ambient sound effects in the lobby.


Client Optimizations

Optimized the problem that the spawn point cannot be selected and the item cannot be picked up at the start due to the loading of resources is stuck in some environments.

Optimized the slow loading of character faces and hair in some environments.

The shader warm-up function will be temporarily disabled for further development and optimization due to the compatibility issues found between the shader warm-up function and some environments. At the same time, by optimizing the shader loading strategy, the stall caused by reading is effectively reduced.

Matchmaking Optimization

The matching rules have been optimized, so that when a player participates in a new mode, or a mode that has not been participated in for a long time, the system's expectation of the player's strength is more accurate than before;

Update analysis: It is equivalent to giving a player who has not played for a long time an adaptation period to make the player experience better!


Optimized the radar chart performance of the settlement interface in the single-row mode. Removed "Support, Combat" and added "Defeat, Damage" to make it more compatible with the single-row player performance.


Added a legend function to the Map interface, which will display the meaning of the icons that may appear according to the gameplay.

Now you can control the character movement when you open the selection map in the preparation stage.

BUG Fixes

Character Related BUG

When the Fixed Wuchen Ultimate triggers the teleportation, the teleportation cannot be successfully caused by being interrupted by Parry just after being killed in battle.

Fixed Wuchen Ultimate 【Tai Chi Rift】When canceling the air eye, the time required for long pressing Ultimate Input is inconsistent with the interface display.

Fixed Justina Gu Ultimate's Freeze effect was not working correctly on targets bound by Valda Cui's current trap.