Test Server Patch Notes - March 25th, 2022

Map Updates

New Building: Broken Halberd

Added a new tunnel structure with a crushable window, located between Buzhou Beach and Celestra, where you can detour with the enemy.

Terrain Modification: Valley of the Wind

A large semi-open pavilion building has been added. It is located at the exit of the floating boat in Buzhou Beach. Be careful of the fire cage in dry weather.

Character Adjustment

Yueshan Ultimate Adjustment

Horizontal Attack first stage damage has been reduced from 156% to 102%, and Horizontal Attack second stage damage has been increased from 156% to 190%.

[Earth Splitting] damage reduced from 38%+190%*2 to 34%+166%*2.

Justina Gu

Adjusted【Ice Core】armor recovery rate. Instead of giving 125 armor 5 times (125/second), it gives 300 armor 2 times(300/2.5seconds).

[Arctic Wraith] now only gives 3 charges to Justina Gu's F [Shadowswipe] in Solos

Optimized the Justina Gu talent icon and Ability icon.

Still no news of F3V3


Optimized the special effect performance when interrupting Vajra's just state.


Optimized the talent icon and Ability icon of Wuchen Ultimate [Tai Chi Rift · Portal].

Ranged Weapon Damage Falloff Adjustment


"No damage falloff" adjusted to: "0-6m damage reduction: 40%, 6-12m damage reduction: 20%".

Repeating Crossbow 、Swarm 、Bow 、Musket

“0-6m damage reduction: 40%,6-12m damage reduction: 20%” changed to: “0-9m damage reduction: 40%,9-18m damage reduction: 20%”。

Melee Weapon Adjustments


Optimized the attack method of the third stage of Greatsword Horizontal Attack Focus Charge.


Slightly shortened the front swing of the Vertical Attack Focus Charge move.

Souljade Adjustment

Bow Souljade

[Target Lock] Unable to sprint or dodge for 3 seconds, cooldown: 15 seconds. (used to be 6 and 30 seconds)

The burn damage of [Fire Arrows] has been reduced from 80 to 50.

Pistol Souljade

Added golden Souljade [Spring Thunder]: Pistol's damage has been reduced, it can no longer focus on Focus Charge, and a single shot will fire 5 explosive bullets.

(Available only in [Eternal Blazes], [Shadow Surge] mode)

Repeating Crossbow Souljade

Added purple Souljade [Shocking Crossbow]: Repeating Crossbow becomes a single shot, and the arrow will explode when it hits.

(Available only in [Eternal Blazes], [Shadow Surge] mode)

***mostly google translated from now on since the rest of the patch note is not too interesting***

In-game Adjustment

Omni's Nightmare Adjustment:

1. Reworked the level system of the White Vine Ghost and the Fuji Ghost. Now both the White Vine Ghost and the Fuji Ghost will gain in-game experience after killing or extinguishing the spirit fire, while other White Vine Ghost and the Fuji Ghost in the world will gain some shared experience. White Vine Ghosts and Vine Ghosts can increase their level by gaining experience and gain maximum physical strength, percentage attack power, and spiritual damage resistance.

2. Added a random global effect after lighting the spirit fire:

①Extra two supplies of Hurricane Guest, ②60 seconds of store discount, ③60 seconds of rage recovery speed up.

3. Added random effects applied to Characters in the area when the spirit fire is extinguished: ①No Ability, ②No Zipline, ③Blind.

4. The white rattan can distinguish the speaking channel, and you can choose to speak on the Character or the rattan ghost channel.

5. Character will not drop armor and weapons when defeated.

6. A new scouting bell has been added to the central area of ​​the map.

7. If you are bound by fake vines, you can now press the interactive key continuously to reduce the time required to break free.

8. Optimized the logic of matching, faction allocation and identity allocation. Players entering in a team have a high probability of being in the same camp. The balance of strength and weakness of the in-game faction will become more balanced. The unassigned identities in each round will gradually increase the probability of being assigned in subsequent rounds.

9. Optimized the attack action of the Fuji ghost, reduced the backswing and displacement of the sprint attack, and strengthened the performance of the tree-climbing attack.

Eternal Blazes Adjustment

Eternal Blazes mode has added 3s resurrection waiting time.

Immortal War Adjustment

Slightly accelerated the rhythm of the 3-7 rounds of the Immortal War solo queue; the time of the Hurricane and the bomber was adjusted accordingly.

Adjustment in high resource area

All high resource zones will now only randomly appear within the initial safe zone.

Running Soul Adjustment

1. It turned out that when only one team survived on the field, even if the others still have the number of times to return to the soul, the game will be ended directly. The current adjustment is: as long as the remaining player's soul-returning times are greater than or equal to 1, even if only one team survives on the field, the game will not end the game directly. All other players' soul-returning times need to be consumed, and the game will end, and at the top left The corners show the number of people in the current state of the soul;

2. In Immortal War single-queue mode, the total duration of the soul state is adjusted from 120s to 90s; in other modes, the total duration of the soul state is adjusted from 180s to 150s; and the adjustment corresponds to the time of the [Soul-inducing] task.

Organ Adjustment

The upper limit of the number that may appear in the Magic Sealing Enchantment Agency has been increased.

Handle Adjustment

1. Optimized the operation of selecting the backpack slot, now it is more convenient to use the right joystick to operate;

2. The cursor movement operation of Map has been changed from the left joystick to the right joystick, and the operation experience of cursor movement and map zooming has been optimized;

3. The handle supports the delete mark operation of Map, and the key is Y/△ (Xbox handle/PS handle).

Action optimization

Optimized the action of sprinting after the high-altitude landing roll and the second-stage sprint dodge.

performance optimization

Optimized performance in Omni's Nightmare mode

Out-of-game Adjustments

New functions for referee watching

1. The referee can select any trader/hurricane icon on the Map, and press l to call out the preview interface;

2. The referee can press O to call out the Souljade information interface of team members;

3. The display level of the Merchant and Hurricane Guest in the Map of the referee's spectator has been increased to facilitate selection.

Customize the room Adjustment

The custom editing birth area has added a new scheme automatic naming function.

facial expressions

Optimized the external facial performance of some facial expressions

New settings for controller mode

The viewing angle sensitivity is changed to "horizontal" and "vertical" separately configured.

Added "Steering Extra Sensitivity", "View Joystick External Threshold" and "Steering Extra Sensitivity Fade-In Time".

Steering Extra Sensitivity": When pushing the joystick to the maximum, add "Steering Extra Sensitivity";

"External Threshold of the Viewing Stick": Adjust the stacker and yell at me "Ask for extra sensitivity"; try to serve 3) "Steering extra sensitivity fade-in time": When the joystick is pushed to the maximum, "steering extra sensitivity" gradually increasing time.

Added "Dead Angle of Viewing Joystick": to avoid the viewing angle deflection when the joystick is touched by mistake, the smaller the value, the more accurate the operation.

The original settings of the Player are carried over to the new "Horizontal Viewing Sensitivity" and "Horizontal Viewing Sensitivity (Aiming)", and other items have become default settings.

Player can be modified in "ESC" - "Key Settings" - "Controller Mode" - "Viewing Sensitivity".

free practice mode Adjustment

You can now directly select the unlocked Ability and Ultimate talent branches in the free practice mode and try them out;

You can now try unlocked Character costumes in free practice mode (after selecting Character, select the costumes you don't own in the costume list, and click the "Try" button)

Credit score

Immortal War now requires a reputation score of 9000 or above to participate in the matchmaking.

The credit point deduction base for early exit from Immortal War Quality Plaza and exit in the middle of the game is increased to 500.

Appearance and function interaction optimization

After clicking the entry of any part in the matching interface to jump, the next time you return, you will return to the matching interface.

Add new functions of the mall

Players can now browse the new content of the current version and past update versions in the new product tab of the store.

BUG Fixes

Character Related BUG

Fixed In some special cases, when Wuchen released [Tai Chi Rift], he was stunned or grabbed and could not be teleported.

Fixed Justina Gu connecting to [Arctic Wraith] and [Arctic Wraith · Snowstorm] at the wrong time after releasing Ultimate.

Weapon Related BUG

Fixed an issue where sometimes the enemy could not be stunned when releasing sword energy.

Combat Related BUG

Fixed an issue where the backswing could not be interrupted by jumping, dodging, or crouching immediately after using the revival charm to revive a teammate.

Handle Related BUG

Fixed an issue where the wrong button prompts were displayed on the prompts of nearby items when opening the backpack after changing the interactive handle buttons with custom buttons.

Character data

Fixed the problem that the data rating is displayed abnormally due to the abnormal statistics of the top five rate data in the last 12 games.

Omni's Nightmare

Fixed the issue that the White Vine Ghost cannot open Ultimate after being hit;

Fixed the problem that the voice was turned on before death and turned off by default after resurrection;

There is no damage reduction problem between the Fixed White Vine Ghost and the White Vine Ghost.

Immortal War

Fixed an issue where consecutive defeats of the same target for a short period of time in Solo Immortal War would not grant bonus points