Test Server Patch Notes - March 4th, 2022

Live Server update on March 12th; And as always: These patch notes are not final and some things may change before it goes live.

New Content

New Character - Justina Gu

In Justina Gu's mind, she s not the noble imperial princess, nor the graceful owner of the Pluvial Palace. She is the Frosty Shadow who vows to bury her enemies in the snow or the lonely Winter's Grace who is eager to find her family back.
Justina Gu's Abilities and Ultimates can be found on her Character page.

New Gamemode - Omni's Nigthmare

I'm not going to bother translating the rules for this gamemode; you can watch the video below to get somewhat of an idea of how it's played.

Character Adjustments


The teleport ability on her F has been changed to not be interrupted by gold focus attacks.

Yoto Hime

Increased the range of her F, increased the flying speed and adjusted the feel of it.

All branches of her F Ability have been changed to not get interrupted by golden focus attacks.

Valda Cui

Her F3 Ability have been changed to not get interrupted by golden focus attacks.


Tai Chi Rift: Portal cannot be destroyed by enemies and it cannot be seen by enemies before the teleportation is triggered.

Weapon Adjustments


Optimized the sound effect of some wall attack moves.

Souljade Adjustments

Stormstride: Calls down a Lightning Strike at your previous location 0.5 seconds after Dodging. This effect will not be triggered unless you have done an attack or gotten hit in the last 15 seconds.

Ingame Changes

Spirit Quest

Spirit/Soul quest have been removed (basically: you no longer have to mark enemies to get increased loot when respawning)

Bell Scouting Effect

The enemy detection radius when hitting a bell has been increased to 100 meters, and will see enemies through stealth (bushes, matari ult etc)

In the new gamemode Omni's Nightmare: The enemy detection radius when hitting a bell is increased to 135 meters, and will see enemies through stealth (bushes, matari ult etc)

Quick Match Adjustments

Soulbloom Essence have been added to Quick Match. It works the same as in The Herald's Trial.

Immortal War Adjustments

The number of players in Solos has been decreased from 48 players to 16 players.

Players will receive 1 ressurection. Ressurections run out after the first shadow closes.

The initial playing area has been decreased.

Treasure Troves/Caves have been changed to a maximum of 1 per game


(im honestly not sure what this is, so im leaving it untranslated for now, it's related to a buff you can buy in Immortal War only)



Out-of-Game Changes

Character Data

Players can view their Character Data for The Heralds Trial and Immortal War on their profile page.

New Story Chapter

Added a new story chapter for Viper Ning which can be unlocked by completing the story challenge for Chapter 3.

Customization Presets

You can now switch between different Character and Weapon customization presets.

Bug Fixes

1.Hero Related Bugs

Fixed a bug where teammates would get affected by Temulch's Ultimate after returning to soul altar.

2.Combat Related Bugs

Fixed the bug where characters would become unresponsive after being struck by a flash of thunder.

Fixed the bug where AI enemies would also lose melee aim assist if the player turned it off.