Test Server Patch Notes - May 27th 2022

As always; these changes are not final and may differ from live server patch notes.

Character Adjustment

Justina Gu

After releasing Ultimate [Arctic Wraith -Frostwind], Justina Gu no longer gains rage during the duration of Ice Mist.

Ability [Ice Core] changed: during the early phase (0 to 1 second) Justina Gu will no longer block physical attacks, but Justina Gu will gain 70% damage reduction instead; after the early phase, Justina Gu can block physical attacks as before.


Yueshan now needs 1.1 seconds to enter transformation state (up from 0.7s)


Ability Spirit Blades and Spirit Blades: Array adjusted from gold focus to blue focus

Ultimate Tai Chi: Rift: when teleporting friendly troops, Wuchen and teammates' damage reduction changed from 90% to 70%.

Ultimate Tai Chi: Rift and Tai Chi Rift: Switch rage limit increased by 25%. (It takes 25% longer to fill the rage bar)


The Divine Bell: Parry Timing changed from 0-0.7s to 0-1s (ie it lasts for 1s instead of 0.7s now)

You can cancel The Divine Bell after 0.4 seconds by using dodge, jump, crouch

The stun duration of The Divine Bell has been increased from 0.8s to 1.1s

The Divine Bell: Blast can knock away gold focus attacks.

Viper Ning

Ultimate Twilight Crimson: Unchained can no longer be shift dodged.

Takeda Nobutada

Ability Mythic Grab and Mythic Grab: Defend fall range has been slightly increased and can interrupt Blue Focus enemies

Ability Mythic Grab and Mythic Grab: Defend will not be interrupted by weapon moves(?), and it is more convenient to use attack after using it.

Ability Mythic Grab: Defend grab range increased.

The aiming effect of Ultimate [Demonic Aid: Teleport] is optimized, and an aiming box have been added to assist with aiming.

The maximum aiming distance of Ultimate [Demonic Aid: Teleport] has been increased from 20m to 25m, and the strike range has been improved

The Ultimate Blue Focus damage reduction of [Demonic Aid: Teleport] will last until the end of the final cut. and will no longer be interrupted by wind(?) pressure.

Other adjustment

The delay to exit transformations has been changed to 0.25s

Weapon Adjustment

Fisting has been nerfed D:

Vertical Attack 1 damage coefficient has been lowered from 2.79 to 1.13

Horizontal Attack 1 damage coefficient is lowered from 2.32 to 1.12

Aerial Vertical Attack damage coefficient has been lowered from 2.58 to 1.88

Sprint Horizontal Attack damage coefficient lowered from 2.54 to 1.10

Crouching Horizontal Attack damage coefficient lowered from 2.81 to 1.56

Sprint Vertical Attack damage coefficient from 2.07 down to 1.13


Longsword Focus Charge now has a second stage attack


Sliding Horizontal Attack hit range optimization


Horizontal Attack Focus Charge slightly reduce the forward movement and increases the hit range.

Removed gold focus from dagger dodge and shortened the invulnerability frames to match that of a normal dodge.

Souljade Adjustment

New Dagger Dagger Souljade

New gold souljade [Pride's Fall]: Dagger Horizontal Attack Focus Charge Stage 2 gets a new attack: grab the enemy and slam him in the ground restoring 65% of damage dealt as health.

New Ranged Souljade

Switch: Bow and Switch: Cannon merged into a new souljade called [Switch: Dazzle].

[Switch: Dazzle] also has attack moves when switching weapon from melee to pistol/crossbow/musket.

Other Souljade Changes

Katana, Greatsword and Nunchucks Gold Souljade now gives off a prompt when charged fully.

The rest of these patch notes are mainly machine translated (lower quality)

In-game Adjustment

Controller Adjustment

Optimize the switch target mechanism and unlock mechanism when the handle is locked

Push the right stick to switch the locked target immediately when locking.

Optimize Map cursor interaction in the game

Optimized the adsorption performance when using Map cursor movement in the game.

Optimized the performance of the cursor moving to the edge of Map when using Map zoom in the bureau

Optimize the default preset order of handle display

The original [default] name was changed to [classic], the preset keys remain unchanged.

the original preset order for [default] [shooter] [war ten) [Nenjian O] [Baining V1 to the new division wide a training trial service

[Warrior] [classic] [swordsman] [shooter] [custom]. (Preset display order modified, does not affect Player has saved key settings.)

Scene Adjustment

Hidden cave: added a number of fireflies.

Organ Adjustmen

The cooldown time of the Demon Boundary mechanism has been reduced from 180 seconds to 90 seconds. (The statue that disables ulties afaik)

Omni's Nightmare

Due to the Adjustment of play, this version temporarily closed the custom room Omni's Nightmare mode, look forward to the next meeting!

Dynamic Open Area Adjustment

Expanded the size of open areas when dynamic open areas are enabled, and increased the number of high resource areas.

Out-of-game Adjustment

Private chat function optimization

New private chat tips, Player will receive private chat messages from friends with sound effects and interface tips, so that private messages from friends are not often missed.

Character Practice Adjustment

Valda Cui's "Visit the Cave of Treasures statue once" has been changed to "Open the Cave of Treasures 5 times".

Explanation of the update: Valda Cui Character quest was difficult for a large number of players before, but after this Adjustment, Valda Cui quest will be much easier.

Optimization of expression action

Support English, Japanese and Korean language character mouth movements.

Squad display

Optimized the performance of some squad display actions.


Private chat prompt settings

"Options Settings - Social Settings - Chat Settings", add [Private Chat Tips], you can choose whether to make sound and interface tips when you receive private chat messages from your friends.

Preheat shader

"Options Settings - Picture Quality Settings", new [Preheat Shader], you can click to preheat the shader.

Controller [Melee move correction (controller)]

[Correction of camera and character orientation]: Melee moves are automatically corrected toward the current position of the enemy, and when the move is made, the camera will automatically turn to the current position of the enemy.

[Correction of character orientation only]: Melee moves are automatically corrected toward the current position of the enemy, and the camera does not make any correction.Close】:Do not make any correction.

The default option is [Correction of lens and character orientation] Player can be set in "ESC"-"Option Settings"-"Game Settings": "Combat Settings" - "Melee move correction (controller)" to modify or close.

Attack key combination Parry settings

"Option Settings-Game Settings-Combat Settings", add [Attack Key Combination Parry], you can choose whether to turn off the attack key combination Parry.

Update Explanation: After Quick Parry optimization, the attack key combination Parry can be turned off, so that it is more convenient to make a move and less likely to make a mistake.

Function optimization

Preheat shader

Now after the game update, the shader will be warmed up automatically when entering the lobby.

The shader compilation during the game will prolong the loading time and increase the CPU usage, resulting in obvious lag in the first few games after the update. With the shader warm-up technology, the process will be advanced to the login time, which will significantly improve the smoothness of the game, reduce the lagging phenomenon and improve the game experience after the warm-up is completed. Caution:

Only one warm-up is needed after each update, which will bring a better experience for the game afterwards.

In case of graphics card or driver changes, you need to warm up again.

After terminating the warm-up, you can still play the game normally, you can warm up manually through "Option Settings - Image Quality Settings - Warm-up Shader".

resource loading

Optimized multi-threaded resource loading scheduling to improve the frame rate and reduce lag.


Character Related BUG

Fixed Yoto Hime Ability [Demon Blade Chop - Spin], in some cases can not resist the Melee Weapon attack problem.

Fixed Tarka Ji Ultimate 【Fast as Fire】 and all its talent running fire marks, in some cases can trigger the hit head voice.

Fixed Matari Ultimate 【Unseen Wings】, 【Unseen Wings -Assassin】 after the end of the duration can not Immediately start to accumulate rage

Weapon Related BUG

Fixed Weapon backpack Nunchucks display the wrong sort of problem.

Combat Related BUG

Fixed controller mode in the standing perspective rotation sensitivity error problem