Test Server Patch Notes - October 17th, 2022

Patch should arrive on Monday the 24th, and as always, some things in these notes might change before they go on live server, and things like cash shop items and in-game events etc are never really fully revealed on test server.

New Content

New Showdown (PvE) Chapter

The new mode will be be set mainly in Shadowjade Mines open from 13:00 to 23:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We will fight the leader of Lunazra Kingdom and his minions.

Two new PvE characters will join for Showdown Season 2: Matari & Temulch

Pre-game Lobby

Several small ghosts suddenly appeared in the preparation stage, try to catch one and see!

The Halloween event is coming soon!

Character Adjustment


Kurumi Ultimate V3 [Sacred Circle: Rapid Healing] has been changed to now heal 750 health, overflowing health will be converted into armor. (used to be 500 health + 500 armor but no overflow)

Ziping Yin

All F Abilities: no longer ignores Justina freeze, Temulch Wisp, Vajra stagger.

F2: Insipiration duration reduced from 12s to 8s & Inspiration Shield duration reduced from 8s to 5s. (in solos only)

V1: nerfed from recovering 35hp+35armor/sec to 45hp/sec (when hp is full it recovers armor instead)

V2: nerfed from recovering 30hp+30armor to 35hp/sec (when hp is full it recovers armor instead)

Yoto Hime

Yoto Hime Ultimate now consumes 40% rage when used (25% before), and 20% rage for each slash (25% before).

Valda Cui

Valda Cui Ultimate [Nether Nightmare: Bind] Horizontal Attack Immunity after being hit decreased to 1s from 3s.

Optimized the feel of movement while Valda Cui is in her Ultimate stance.

Takeda Nobutada

Takeda Nobutada Ultimate Ability [Demonic Strike]: Increased cooldown to 4s from 3s.

Souljade Adjustment

Longsword Souljade

Optimized the animation for hepta-slash or whatever the new golden souljade was called.

In-game Adjustment

New Features

Added an option to automatically pick up nearby Soulbloom Essence when opening your inventory. (please don't use turn this option on in trios to let your teammates who possibly dont have full rage pick them up lul)

Combat Adjustment

Optimizations of Quick Parry

Constroller Adjustment (google translate)

Increase the estimated assembly space hint when selecting items.

Weapon backpack spare Weapon tips optimization.

Change the display of nearby items to separate display, Weapon and Souljade will be displayed in a separate column.

Explanation of update: It is more convenient to use the items in the backpack for the joystick player, and can equip Weapon with one click, but the PC player is not affected.

Moonbane Charm Quick Use

Press Alt+Z (Or Right Trigger on Controller) to use Moonbane Charm with your own position as the center.

Map Props Adjustment

The ground spike is modified to trigger immediately after entering the range.

The magic boundary prop (the blue ultimate-ban zone) has been changed to have no upper limit on the number of times it can be used.

Character Cultivation Adjustment

Matari "Defeat 3 Enemies with the Wheel in Celestra" changed to "Defeat 5 enemies with flamethrower".

Bot Mode Adjustment

Adjusted the behavior of bots in normal difficulty, and lowered the difficulty appropriately.

Out-of-game Adjustment

This section is mostly google translated since I'm not sure what it talks about - will edit after checking it out on test server

Character Cards

Some gamemodes that were missing stats card (PvE mode, Shadow Surge..) now have stat cards

The cards have been optimized in some way.

Character details

In the Character details interface click "appearance", will jump to "with" (no clue what this is)

Lunazra Kingdom Secret Treasure

If you have not purchased Lunazra Kingdom Secret Treasure, you will receive Lunazra Kingdom Secret Treasure rewards with an indication of the current accumulated Lunazra Kingdom Secret Treasure rewards. (No idea but i think its a modification to the pack thing you can buy for $2 or whatever, above the events tab)

Character voice

Optimized some lines and tone of Temulch's voice.

Function Optimization

Client Optimizations

Improve the efficiency of loading action resources during Combat, and further reduce the memory usage of actions during Combat.

Reduce the memory usage of Weapon during Combat.

Optimize the lag caused by weather switching in the new Map.

Optimize some skins and reduce CPU consumption.