Test Server Patch Notes - September 23rd, 2022

Test server patch notes are not final and do not include upcoming events or skins. Full patch hitting most likely hitting live servers on Monday the 26th or on Thursday the 29th.

New Content

Yin Ziping

Yin Ziping F3 and V3 are now available for use

Aromatherapy: Protection - Use Ligneous Energy to protect herself and nearby allies and applies [Inspiration Shield], granting immunity to interruption from all non-focus strikes for 8 sec. [Inspiration Shield] ends early upton taking enough damage.

Saving Grace: Gauze - Ziping Yin Forms a protective barrier around herself within which allies' Health iwill not be depleted upon taking damage and will recover a certain amount of Health once the barrier disappears. Ziping Yin only needs 50% Rage to cast this ability. Rage is constantly consumed while active and the final amount of Health recovery increases with its time duration. Holding V can end the ultimate manually. [Saving Grace: Gauze] is ineffective to the damage of Shadow Corruption.

New Bot Mode Difficulty: Nightscream

Bot Mode is available on "Nightscream" difficulty for a limited time.

On Nightmare difficulty, AI opponents have higher skills than Hardmode and will no longer actively attack each other. Please use your skills and wisdom to challenge them. This time it is open for a limited time, and we will continue to train Al Intelligence in the future.

New area on Holoroth: Boomerang Cliff

The Kunlun Ruins have changed recently. The thick icebergs have begun to loosen, and the edges have gradually melted. As the glacier melted, a new active area was formed on the left side of Kunlun Ruins, known as "Boomerang Cliff". There must be a steep mountain road leading to this place, and the center of the area is cold, so be careful to not fall into it.

Character Adjustment


When Tianhai releases [The Divine Bell] and all Ability talents, he is immune to debuffs, but the debuffs he has received before releasing will not be affected.

The coefficient for the damage dealt when Tianhai grabs two people in his Vajra form has been increased from 10 to 12.


When Wuchen releases [Tai Chi Rift] and all Ultimate talents, he can also disable aiming through Ultimate Input after opening aiming. (ie either right click or press ult again to cancel placing an eye).

Valda Cui

Spears thrown while in Nether Nightmare and Nether Nightmare: Bind can now interrupt gold focus.


Zephyr Wisp is now a control ability - preventing the enemy from being able to use abilities while stuck in it. Temulch Ultimate 【Zephyr Prison】 will exert wind pressure on the enemies within the range at the moment when the Sand Cage is formed.

Yoto Hime

The duration of 【Spirit Slash: Vortex】 has been decreased from 5 seconds to 3.5 seconds.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning's F 【Yushan Enigma】 can now be used while under attack and gives Blue Focus armor. Cooldown increased to 25 seconds.

Viper Ning gains 40% damage reduction while casting 【Twilight Crimson: Unchained】.

Other Adjustments

Optimized the prompt effect of some abilities when they exceed the effective range. For example Wuchen's Tai Chi Rift, the out-of-range prompt will be more obvious!

Weapon Adjustment


Focus Charge attack animation length slightly decreased.

Extend the time that a followup-attack can be used after Focus Charge attack.


Slightly increased the stun duration of Horizontal Attack.

Air Horizontal Attack Damage coefficient decreased from 2.01 to 1.6.


Optimized the second effect of Horizontal Attack.

Souljade Adjustment

Longsword Souljade

Added a new golden souljade: Zodiac Sorrow.

In-game Adjustment

Combat Adjustment

People now slide further when Scale Rushing, Tree Attacking, Dodging etc on icy terrain.

Holoroth Map Adjustment

Increased the amount of equipment piles in some areas of the map

Google translate from here on out because the rest of the stuff is less interesting and time-consuming to translate

Holoroth Map Props Adjustment

The ground spike prop trigger method from passive trigger to need Player hit trigger, the cooldown time is reduced to 5 seconds.

When the ghost hand mechanism is triggered, a new wide range of silence effect, and silence time Adjustment to 8 seconds.

cactus props are triggered after the strike range expanded to a radius of 10 meters.

trap prop layout time is shortened to 1 second.

Blinding time of the sand mallow shortened to 5 seconds.

Adjustment of the ground spikes, ice moths, traps to put the position of the insult

The two siege crossbows at the bottom left and bottom right of the God Eagle Fort area have been changed to randomly refreshed.

Update Explanation: The props of Holoroth have now been slightly strengthened, so when fighting in the Holoroth you must use the props wisely to eliminate your opponents!

Weather System Adjustment

Optimized the timing and duration of weather areas in each stage.

The weather of "Sandstorm" is renamed to "Gale", which will improve the player's movement performance and increase the longest range of the flying rope in the gale weather area.

Explanation of the update: With the big adjustment of the weather system of the country of fire, the player's movement ability will be more agile in the windy weather, which means that it is easier to escape from the Map in the windy weather when being chased!

Function optimization

Add the effect of perspective alert when teammates are visually blocked. (You can switch the function in the option settings - auxiliary settings - teammate blocking perspective item)

Update Explanation: You can effectively prevent your side's big Buddha from blocking the line of sight!

Bot Mode Adjustment

Adjusted the behavior of Al's opponents in Bot Mode on Normal difficulty, and lowered the difficulty appropriately.

Explanation of the update: The weakening of the AI on Normal difficulty is more in line with Player's expectation of Normal human difficulty!

Omni's Nightmare Adjustment

Character Echo - The effect of Cauldron Bomb is only effective on Ranged Weapon.

Adjustment of the horizontal Attack Focus Charge attack's knockback distance and post-move swing.

Modified some in-game tips.

Update Explanation: Omni's Nightmare mode's Adjustment has weakened the Vine Ghost camp's attacks. At the same time, the attack ability of the Character camp has been slightly strengthened.

Out-of-game Adjustment

Character Printing System

You can click in the Character print interface to see the completed stage and the ongoing stage of each Character print.

New Character seal 【Ten evolutionary training sharp】.

Update Explanation: Optimization of the achievement system, and added an achievement!

Friends list optimization

You can show the last time your friend was online.

The settlement page optimization

You can now view Character prints and progress changes of tasks in the Combat checkout page.

History optimization

Damage data entry has been added to the history screen.

The ranking of history has been changed to team ranking, which will be displayed after all the squads have been defeated.

The Herald's Trial and Immortal War games have been added to the battle details, players can check the detailed data of the game in the battle details. Trial service 4、Now you can view other people's history.

The option settings-social settings-privacy settings have added the history settings, players can choose whether to disclose their history.

Hall Music

The lobby music has been changed to "Unchained" by JJ Lin.

Function Optimization


Improve the efficiency of loading action resources during Combat, and further reduce the memory usage of actions during Combat.

Reduce the memory usage of Weapon during Combat.

Optimize the lag caused by weather switching in the new Map.

Optimize some fashion resources and reduce CPU time consumption.

Update Analysis: After the update, there are many Players reflecting serious lag, now it should be much better!

BUG Fixes

Weapon Related BUG

Fixed bug where Nunchucks Scale Rush's hit range and effects didn't match.

Omni's Nightmare Related BUG

Fixed the bug that the White Vine Ghost would get stuck on the siege crossbow.