A melee weapon with an extensive history. Comparably portable and favored by the nobility, it's a swift weapon that was often referred to as the military gent.

Longsword Damage

AttackBase Damage
Horizontal 1108
Horizontal 265*3
Horizontal 3 (Focus)392
Horizontal (Focus Charge)256*2
Sprint Horizontal132
Air Horizontal90*2
Crouch Horizontal186
Grapple Horizontal38+38
Vertical 1110
Vertical 2173
Vertical 3 (Focus)330
Vertical (Focus Charge)223*2
Sprint Vertical105
Air Vertical153+15
Crouch Vertical (Uppercut)92*2
Scale Rush85
Scale Rush (Focus Charge)264
Parry Counterattack128+508
Phoenix Blast (Horizontal)336*2
Phoenix Blast (Vertical)286*2
Blue Moon (Horizontal)206*2
Blue Moon (Vertical)216*2
Longsword Sap646

Longsword Combos

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