Complete list of achievements (emblems) that you can gain in matches when playing Naraka: Bladepoint

It's hasn't been confirmed but achievements do not seem to affect rank/elo gain when playing ranked. They are seemingly just for fun.

Achievement List

AggressorAggressorDeal 12,500 Damage
Airborne AdvanceAirborne AdvanceTravel 400m by Grappling Hook
BenevolentBenevolentRescue 2 Downed Teammates
Big SpenderBig SpenderSpend 20,000 Darktide Coins
HunterHunterDefeat 5 Opponents
HealerHealerHeal a Total of 10,000 Health
Kill LeaderKill LeaderHave the Highest Amount of Kills at any Point of the Game
Weapons MasterWeapons MasterCounter/Parry 3 Opponents in a Game
Perfect AimPerfect AimLand 5 Headshots
Gold DiggerGold DiggerOpen 20 Troves
Marathon RunnerMarathon RunnerTravel 7,500m
First BloodFirst BloodGet the First Kill in a Game
Sixth SenseSixth SenseDefeat an Opponent from over 75m Away
BrawlerBrawlerDefeat an Opponent with Fists
Treasure HunterTreasure HunterPick up Items from 6 Different Morus Blessings in One Game
Mighty MortalMighty MortalEquip 6 Golden Souljades
LurkerLurkerHide in Bushes for 150s
GuardianGuardianReceive 10,000 Damage
Wrath of the GodsWrath of the GodsDefeat an Opponent with a Moonbane Charm
Super WeaponrySuper WeaponryDefeat an Opponent with the Ballista
Captain's BloodlustCaptain's BloodlustDefeat 5 Opponents in Shipwreck Expanse
Divine LordDivine LordDefeat 5 Opponents in Celestra
Fight Fire with FireFight Fire with FireDefeat 5 Opponents in Stilltide Temple
Temple WarriorTemple WarriorDefeat 5 Opponents in Shadow Jade Mine
Sunwing's MessengerSunwing's MessengerDefeat 5 Opponents in Sunwing's Rest
Fickle FortuneFickle FortuneEffect Caused by Someone Praying to a Statue in a Secret Stash
SupporterSupporterPray to a Statue in a Secret Stash. There are sometimes statues inside Secret Stashes (the ones you open with a golden key) - Pray to it to get this achievement.
Moral SupportMoral SupportWin in a team-based mode with less than 7500 damage dealt (unconfirmed)
Lucky StarLucky StarWin in a team-based mode with less than 7500 damage dealt (unconfirmed)