Naraka: Bladepoint Character Tier List (Updated June 26th 2022 / Season 4)

This list is based on: 1. Competetive (China) play/pickrate > 2. Opinions from top EU/NA players > 3. My personal opinions. Picking a T0 character won't make you win in EU/NA, but if everyone is playing at the highest level, picking a T0 character gives you an edge.

The Season just started and had a lot of changes - the meta heroes will almost for sure change within the next few days, but i'll try to keep it updated to my best abilities.

Solos Tier List

T1: Wuchen, Justina Gu, Yoto Hime

T1.5: Valda Cui, Takeda Nobutada, Tarka Ji, Matari

T2: Yueshan, Viper Ning, Temulch

T3: Tianhai, Kurumi


Bumped down from T0 to T1 after his recent nerfs, he's still very strong. His very strong F3 [Shield] allows him to get out of combos and heal up. His ult is based on whether you're a defensive or aggressive player: V2 [Switch] allows him to get a free combo on people (just switch when the enemy is on top of you) or to flee (it's not great at fleeing though); V3 [Portal] is pretty much a free reset up to full health that sometimes lets you outplay and damage enemies as well.

Yoto Hime

Her ult rework is quite significant since you're actually able to hit it sometimes now, but the recent damage nerf bumps her down to T1 or possibly lower. Her F3 is better at protecting than before too - it used to be that attacks randomly went through it half of the time before making it almost utterly useless (super inconsistent).

Justina Gu

Pretty similar to Wuchen but slightly weaker. Her F1 can't be used while under attack so it's a tiny bit weaker than Wuchen's F3. Her ult can similarily be used either aggressively or passively: Aggressively it has more potentional than Wuchen, but harder to actually pull off.

Tarka Ji

Bumped down from T0.5 to T1 due to meta shifts. His ult makes him very scary (infinite) and it's also quite good with fireball during end circle. Basically you want to use your ult to get out of an enemy combo and then balance aggression and defense while in it: simply using your ult to run away usually doesn't work against high skill enemies. You usually don't want to use it when you are full health (unless you know you can get a kill out of it) and you also don't want to use it when you have no health (very hard to pressure if you have no health, not great at running away either).

Valda Cui

Her F1 is quite versatible; you can either heal in it (but it comes at a risk when enemy uses range) or if you hit the enemy with it you can get a free focus: great with Greatsword. Her F3 is pretty much a worse Wuchen F3 though, but it's still a decent ability. Her ult is very strong at circle close since it can shield you from some damage and it basically kills anyone who get's hit by it outside of the zone.

Trios Tier List

T0.5: [Kurumi + Yueshan + Tianhai]

T1: [Viper + Yoto Hime + Wuchen]

T1.5: [Matari + Temulch + Yoto/Justina/Wuchen]