Naraka: Bladepoint Ranking System

Rank Guide

Naraka: Bladepoint has a fairly simple rank/elo system. Whenever you play a game of ranked (The Herald's Trial) you will gain or lose ranking points depending on how well you performed in the match.
The 3 main factors taken into consideration when deciding your rank point gain or loss in a game are: your placements, your kill count, and the ELO of your opponents.
You can get a sense of what the ELO of your opponents are in the loading screen just before a match starts - if you see the text "With Ease" in the upper corner of the loading screen, the ELO of your opponents are on average lower than yours, and you will gain less points; if you see the text "Quite Challenging", the ELO of your opponents are on average higherthan yours, and you will gain more points.

Naraka has 8 different ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Solar, Empyrean, Astral, and Asura. Each of these ranks except Asura have 5 stages: V, IV, III, II, and I. V being the lowest stage and I being the highest.
It takes 100 points to climb one stage, meaning it will take 500 points to climb one rank (five stages). There are no ranks above Asura and Asura have no stages - earning more points at this stage only lets you climb the player ranking leaderboards.

On a fresh account you start with 1000 points: Bronze V

Rank Table

  • Naraka Asura Rank
  • Naraka Astral Rank
    Astral V-I
  • Naraka Empyrean Rank
    Empyrean V-I
  • Naraka Solar Rank
    Solar V-I
  • Naraka Platinum Rank
    Platinum V-I
  • Naraka Gold Rank
    Gold V-I
  • Naraka Silver Rank
    Silver V-I
  • Naraka Bronze Rank
    Bronze V-I